Bizakodo Tribes

As modern human society first started to take root in the northern continent, many clans refused to submit to the rigid laws and structure that were taking shape. When the city of Red Bute was founded and the surrounding territories were being brought under its control, the dissident tribes either fled south to the Addahk Greens or west to the Kohalom hills. The Bizakodo were by far the largest clan to go west.

The Bizakodo were hardy mountain people whose advantageous use of terrain and sheer brutality have managed to keep the civilized world at bay. Occasionally, powerful and/or charismatic warlords emerge to lead a host of clansmen to descend from the Greyvar Mountains to raid and pillage the lowlands. These are typically brief, but bloody, conflicts that the the Rhaegi and people of Red Bute must be on constant vigil for. In the span between these raids, the clans of the Bizakodo fight amongst themselves.

Whether from relishing their own depravity, years of inbreeding, or the influence of an infernal taint, the humans of the Bizakodo began to experience both physical and mental corruptions. Over the course of only a few generations, a new species of humanoid began to stalk the Kohalom hills – orcs. Today, this tusked brutes are as plentiful as their human cousins; fighting, living, and propagating side-by-side.

Years of isolation have only fueled the Bizakodos’ brutality and depravity. Teeth filing, ritual scarring, and other forms of personal mutational are badges of honor amongst the more degenerate tribes. Considered the most vile, even by the Bizakodo, are the humans of the Black Teeth. These bloodthirsty barbarians are renowned for the practice of eating the flesh of their victims, even those fallen from their own clan.

Bizakodo Tribes

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